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Running and breakfast.

Share the beginning time

Get up a little earlier than usual and start running for breakfast while feeling the morning air with your whole body.

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"Running and Breakfast. (R & B)" is an activity to run to eat breakfast at a speed where both nice to meet you and regular members can talk.

Starting in May 2016 in the Kiyosumi-Shirakawa area of Tokyo, new teams are being launched one after another across Japan and the sea.

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Running and breakfast. How to get started

Run to eat, that's it.

Legs of athletes wearing sports shoes in a circle. Top view of runners standing together..

1.​ Gather with friends​

When I left the house while rubbing my sleepy eyes, there were friends who gathered "Good morning!". If you are new to us, don't worry because we have a self-introduction time. It is the beginning of a healthy day.

2.​​ Check the city with your feet

The state of the awakening city and the changing seasons. Some people are just starting to run, others have goals to run faster and farther. Let's spend the "beginning" that each person feels together.

3. Reward breakfast

"Running and breakfast." Breakfast visited by members, about 500! From relieved Japanese set meals to market sushi that you can enjoy in a sightseeing mood, to pancakes that make you feel better. Want to find your favorite reward breakfast?​

​​Team introduction

The number of friends who share "good morning" to "get" is increasing all over the country. There are also members who travel and travel to teams.

Hokkaido Team / Hokkaido / Niseko Team / Nagano / Kiso Team / Fukushima / Tomioka Town Team / Ibaraki / Tsukuba Team / Tokyo / Kiyosumi Shirakawa Team / Tokyo / Kiba Park Team / Tokyo / Imperial Palace Team / Tokyo / Shiba Park Team / Tokyo / Asakusa Team / Tokyo / Higashimurayama Team / Tokyo / Tamagawa Team / Toyoko Line Team / Odakyu Line Team / Setagaya Line Team / Kanagawa / Kamakura Team / Chiba Team / Mt. Fuji Team / Fukui / Wakasawan Team / Kyoto Team / Osaka Team / Hyogo / Akashi Team / Hiroshima team / Fukuoka team / USA / Seattle team / Thailand / Bangkok team / Vietnam / Hanoi team / clubhouse team / Various teams (as of March 2022: 29 teams)

You too

​Would you like to run to eat breakfast?​

First, take a look at the Facebook group "Running and Breakfast."
Information on the beginning of the morning and event information is posted all over the country.

Music makes it easy to walk

Choose according to the morning scene


​I don't know how to participate​

Join the community first from the Facebook group . Events are set up every week in various places. Click here for details on how to participate in the event.

Is it okay if I can't run fast?

Don't worry, it's okay. In "Running and Breakfast.", "Speed to run while talking" is important. Instead of running fast and far, let's run together for a casual and enjoyable breakfast.​

​I'm not sure if I can get up early ...​

With "Running and Breakfast.", You won't feel awkward when you oversleep! The breakfast venue for the day is decided in advance, so even if you miss the meeting, you are welcome to join us at the breakfast venue.

There is no team in the neighborhood

If two or more people run to eat breakfast, a team is born! When setting up a team locally, please let us know by setting up an event within the Facebook group . You may be able to meet friends in your neighborhood.


If you have any inquiries or interviews regarding "Running and Breakfast" and events, please feel free to contact us by filling out the necessary information in the form.

The transmission is complete.

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